Rain Harris
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Artificial Phylum
Currently I have been looking to nature and using common weeds and wildflowers as inspiration. Although my forms are derived from flora, I am interested in stripping away the “organic “ qualities and translating them into abstracted silhouettes that bear little resemblance to their predecessors.

I embrace the planeular quality of the forms; the simplicity of the shapes allows for the accumulation of layers of visual information to occur. I use colors and combinations that are vaguely ugly. Shades that could masquerade as designer colors, but are just too something: too dirty, too sallow, too wrong, but almost right. I use pattern and take comfort in it. I respond to its systematic, ordered confusion and use its repetitive structure as the basis to compose my forms.

I freely borrow stylistic motifs from the decorative arts and combine these incongruous elements to create work that pushes a decorative eclecticism to the point of excessive minimalism. I employ an aesthetic, which revolves around layering my work until it is on the verge of visual collapse. As I add each sequential layer, it is like playing Jenga, where the last piece threatens to push everything too far.